I had a great time teaching everyone how to make web pages at Innovate New Albany today!


05/10/2016 11:37pm

Wow, That was so great. I want to learn also how to make web pages because I think i need to gain knowledge about it because as a Marketer, a lot people use the Internet. Congratulation and I hope you will conduct another set of day that you will teach again. God Bless!

08/22/2017 11:40pm

Hello there! That is a good news to hear indeed. I have no idea in making web pages. I hope I have more knowledge in making web designs and graphic designs. My brother is professional in web designs and HTML codes. That is such a great skill to learn!

12/18/2016 7:22am

Can you teach me? I will be pretty useful for me I suppose.

02/15/2017 12:32am

Please, teach me how to make pages! Do you have your own courses?

05/04/2017 1:49pm

I guess it was a fun for you indeed. You are very good at website building.

06/09/2017 12:07am

Thanks for your comment. We're really glad this content was useful and hope you will check back with us to read future articles!


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