I've added a list of some of my favorite books. These are books that have been an important part of my leadership journey and have strongly influenced my growth and development. I hope you find them useful and enjoy reading them as much as I have.


11/29/2016 6:42am

Thanks for sharing such a good list of worth reading books, would love to read them all. I was waiting for some more of these type list to find some more good books.


Thank you for posting the list of books worth to read! Since I have a free time to do that, I'll try to read the book you've recommended and see it for myself if these books are within my interest. Reading books has been a hobby that feeds my mind and my heart, that's why I always find time reading though everyday will always be a fully-loaded day for my work!


I love reading books so much. Aside from watching movies and listening to musics, reading a book is my addiction whenever I am in a vacation or even when I am at work. I am also a writer and I read novels so much because I want to learn techniques from other authors. There came a time that I was so addicted to books written by one author. When I wrote mine, I have imitated his way without me knowing it. So wen I recommended my piece to my friend, she said that I might have copied the novel of the other author. But I really did not. So when it happened, I started to realize to just read if I want to learn but not to copy others. I have to make my own identity and make my own way of writing.


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