The audio version of my book Networking: Real Partnership Explained is coming soon. Check back for updates.


10/28/2015 2:38am

I found a hidden path in the vast expanse of forest I'd been standing in front of for so long, unsure of where to enter. All I had to do was start hacking away at intruding branches. And what was the first thing I did? I played some games of course.

08/22/2017 11:53pm

Thank you for this audio book. I am really glad you posted it for free. I love listening to audio books and podcasts. It entertains me above all. It is the hobby that I've been doing on my free time. I hope you post more of your podcasts.

09/05/2017 6:50am

First and foremost, I wanted to thank you for this update! I am sure that I'm not the only one who's excited for the release date of the audio version of your book. The book has proven its buying power to the public, and I am sure that the audio version will do well in terms of sale. Well, let's pray for the best of everything!

12/13/2016 9:23am

The real partnership is one of the most important point from the world of networking, and that networking is to make your business by creating the network of people.

09/08/2017 3:19am

I am so excited to see and read the whole content of the book. I am sure that I am not the only person who's excited for the release of your book. There are also my fellow fans out there waiting for your release. I am hoping that it's going to be worth the wait. We've waited for this for almost a year and we demand for a great comeback of yours!


Can't wait to check out the audio version of this book. I am so excited.


That networking book will definitely help people to make better relations with their business partners, and to create a better business network among them as well.

02/13/2017 2:59am

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04/13/2017 12:11am

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