In the groups on Linkedin, websites, facebook, and many other places, there is a constant string of articles and posts like the below:

“What is the one thing you need to be a successful entrepreneur?”

“What is the single most important trait for a leader?”

“What is the one most important thing I need to be successful?”

Any leader, business owner, artist, or anyone skilled at their profession can tell you these are silly questions.

People are complex. Success is complex. Life is complex. EVERYTHING is complex. This can be terrifying to many people, and it can be comforting to look for some idea that simplifies the limitless choices we’re faced with every day. People ask these questions because they’re looking for direction and they’re seeking clarity.

No one job, no one trait, no one relationship, no one value, no one anything is going to snap your life into place, connect all the dots, and make everything make sense, and run smoothly.

Stop looking for one thing, and start looking for the next thing.

Most achievements have no single gargantuan step. They are the culmination of a billion small simple steps. Success is like a beach achieved one grain of sand at a time. Most things in life are simple, but appear complicated because they are made of 8 billion simple tiny parts and pieces. Any ONE thing you look at is going to be just a small piece of anything that you choose to consider.

If you need one idea to hang your hopes on, let it be the fact that there is no one idea, and that’s OK.

Stop wasting your time trying to figure everything out, and focus your energy on figuring out the step in front of you. Set a course, start taking steps, and stop obsessing about if this course is your “one chance” or makes sense as part of your “one path”. If it’s not the right path for you, you’ll figure that out as you go, and then change course.

However, you’ll never figure that out if you don’t start. You’ll never know if this path is the way you’ll discover your dream job or new best friend if you don’t start walking down it. So start walking.



07/25/2016 5:37pm

Success is a long process, and it really takes time. You can't acquire it using a single decision. Everything that happens to us in life is a result of our decisions. Life is full of different lids that we need to remove in order to live effectively. Our mindset must be thinking of taking an action and plan for it. You should also have a winning attitude to succeed on your endeavors. Attitude is a huge factor to success.

08/22/2017 11:48pm

I have good ideas about this topic. I am glad you stated your opinion. Success is really a long process. You need patience and determination to succeed in life. Though, when the process is finally finished, it will all be worth it. That is the point of it.

07/06/2017 5:02pm

I love this site because it is so informative. I really learned a great deal about how to be a good entrepreneur. I am always stuck on everything and discovering a new way to surpass it. I only put my savings in the bank and not investing to any types of small businesses. I am afraid of risking everything. But, after reading this article, I came to realize how good to come out of my shell. Thank you for inspiring those people who desire to be successful in life.

11/01/2017 5:35am

We all know that if you want to be successful you need to make the effort and do your best. It is something that doesn't come on your way easily. This article really helps me to strive hard to become successful in life someday. It really inspired me and I learned a lot that will truly help me to pursue my dreams. I know those people who will read this article will find it interesting and inspiring. Thank you for sharing this with us.

11/05/2017 6:54pm

It is really hard to find a true leader nowadays. It is not enough to elect one just because of his right intellectual capacities. Being a leader and an entrepreneur is not that far when it comes to their traits. They both consist of risk taking, responsibilities and passion when it comes to work. Working is not just enough to be successful; money does not define success in life. We should consider ourselves truly successful when you gain money not just because you have worked hard but because you work hard passionately. Thank you for sharing this! It serves as a great reminder for those in struggles.

01/05/2018 11:54pm

What is suitable for you, may not be suitable for me. I always believe that we should mind our own business, don't compare or replicate the things other people did. You are the author of your own life, you should live every chapter with originality. I think there is no problem asking questions like these, however, rather than asking, make yourself doing or initiating something. I also believe on the title of this blog post: Stop Looking for "One Thing". Don't limit yourself for only "one thing", explore and discover choices. Feel free to embrace other options, in that sense, you could have simple yet less problematic lifestyle.


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